Mulchatna caribou

Increased Prevalence of Bacteria, Brucella, Found in Mulchatna Caribou(Dillingham) – Caribou and reindeer, especially in northern Alaska, are known to be infected with a bacteria, Brucella suis biovar 4, that causes a disease known as rangiferine brucellosis. Thesebacteria are mainly spread amongst caribou from contact with birthing fluids during calving.Exposure to contaminated parts such asContinue reading “Mulchatna caribou”

Alaska Board of Game and Board of Fisheries Postpone Regulatory Meetings to 2021/2022 Cycle

Alaska Board of Game and Board of FisheriesPostpone Regulatory Meetings to 2021/2022 CycleThe Alaska Board of Game and Board of Fisheries met January 21 and 25, respectively, to discuss rescheduling the 2020/2021 regulatory board meetings due to the impacts by the COVID-19 pandemic. Both boards postponed the regularly scheduled board meetings to the 2021/2022 meeting cycle,Continue reading “Alaska Board of Game and Board of Fisheries Postpone Regulatory Meetings to 2021/2022 Cycle”

Opioid Prevention Project Coordinator

Full Job Description OBJECTIVE:  Work closely with Family Services Department staff to coordinate activities which promote the development and implementation of the Bristol Bay Opioid Prevention Project, including a wide variety of logistics related to putting on prevention and educational events, outreach/quick response team formation meetings, specialized training events, and data sharing for development ofContinue reading “Opioid Prevention Project Coordinator”

Program Manager; Reentry Program

Full Job Description OBJECTIVE: Develop, implement, and manage a broad range of culturally based services which assist individuals who are transitioning from correctional institutions. This position will provide fiscal management as well as grant writing to secure funds for development and sustainability of the program. Program design will be based on research, collaboration, and facilitationContinue reading “Program Manager; Reentry Program”

Head Start Teacher’s Aide – Togiak

Full Job description OBJECTIVE: Assist Teacher in following  a daily curriculum of activities and help keep a safe environment for playing and learning for young children.  QUALIFICATIONS:  Job qualifications are already stated as Essential Job Results in the Job Description.  The Essential Job Results are what the employee must be able to accomplish in orderContinue reading “Head Start Teacher’s Aide – Togiak”