How to prepare for Restaurant Revitalization Fund Grant -fact sheet

FYI – the new stimulus package has created a Restaurant Revitalization Fund Grant (no application yet) for those food industry businesses that faced covid losses. The grant will be administered by the SBA once it is rolled out. Businesses can get up to $5M per grant location ($10M cap per business). Eligible entities include a restaurant, food stand,Continue reading “How to prepare for Restaurant Revitalization Fund Grant -fact sheet”

Update: Board of Fisheries Schedule Changes NEW DEADLINE

Hi everyone,  Please click here for the summary of actions from ADF&G Board of Fisheries.  The call for Board of Fish proposals has now been changed to April 11, 2022!   The dates for our Finfish meetings are as follows:   Bristol Bay Finfish –   Nov. 29-Dec. 3, 2022 –  Anchorage/5 days Alaska Peninsula, Aleutian Islands, Chignik Finfish  – February 17-22, 2023Continue reading “Update: Board of Fisheries Schedule Changes NEW DEADLINE”

Alaska COVID-19 Vaccine Update – March 3, 2021

  Alaska Vaccine UpdateMarch 3, 2021 More people are now eligible to be vaccinatedAs of today, March 3, more people now meet criteria to be vaccinated. Vaccine supply remains limited, meaning we are not able to vaccinate everyone at this time. More appointments will be added as they are available, with many being added on Thursday.Continue reading “Alaska COVID-19 Vaccine Update – March 3, 2021”

Alaska Vaccine Update March 1, 2021

We know this has been a long process for many, and we’re encouraged to see more vaccine coming to Alaska for the month of March. Healthcare workers around the state are working hard to protect their communities. Take the quiz and see if it’s your turn to get vaccinated Take a brief eligibility quiz to seeContinue reading “Alaska Vaccine Update March 1, 2021”