Coordinator; Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force

Full Job Description

 Coordinator; Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force      OBJECTIVE: Promote a collaborative effort of the Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force members and agencies to effectively reduce recidivism for individuals who are released from incarceration. QUALIFICATIONS: Job qualifications are stated below as Essential Job Results. Candidates must demonstrate the ability to accomplish these job results. Education and/or experience in similar field of work. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Capable of overall program coordination responsibility with limited supervision. Familiarity with Bristol Bay area, people, and cultures. Bilingual, Yup’ik language / ability to translate is an asset. Demonstrated commitment to strengthening re-entrants’ opportunities to successfully return to resident communities through cultural self-awareness and capacity for handling personal responsibilities. Familiarity with Tribal and State justice and correctional systems, resources, and challenges faced by people upon release from short or long term incarceration.

Experience should reflect excellent communications skills, self-motivation, and the ability to develop strong collaborative relationships with Tribes, Federal and State agencies, and colleagues. Able to interact and assist re-entrants to achieve a sense of wellness, self-achievement and to successfully return to community/family life. Proficiency in computer word processing and data base programs. Complete achievement of the above specifications may not be required if, in the opinion of BBNA a particular candidate possesses significant offsetting characteristics, such as past accomplishments, experience, education, or estimate of future potential. REPORTS TO: Tribal Justice Programs Manager. DUTY STATION: Dillingham, Alaska WAGE: $41,616/yr ($21.34/hr) – $57,222yr (29.34/yr) DOE PL93-638 Hiring Preference Closes: Sept 22, 2021

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