LMS Probate Assistant Intern

Internship; Land Management Services Probate Assistant

OBJECTIVE: To provide an on the job learning experience in the field of Probate Services as they relate to land management in Bristol Bay. Intern will develop an understanding of the importance of Probate Services to restricted property owners and heirs. By becoming familiar with this aspect of Land Management, the intern will be exposed to a potential career in this field. This introduction will be through hands on assistance and support to a Probate Specialist.

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must demonstrate their ability to accomplish the Essential Job Results stated below.

Education/experience. High School diploma or equivalent. A strong interest in learning about Land Management in Bristol Bay. Be available to work on or about June 2 through August 4th. Must demonstrate a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Must have excellent reading, writing, communication, and computer skills. Ability to work accurately, independently, and effectively with understanding to Native restricted landowners in the Bristol Bay area. Familiarity with the Bristol Bay area, its people, and cultures, is desirable.

WAGE:  $18.00/hr + $150.00/week stipend.

REPORTS TO: Probate Specialist.

DUTY STATION: Dillingham Central Office.


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