Forestry Fuels Manager

MANAGER; FORESTRY FUELS OBJECTIVE: Develop, implement, and administer BBNA’s fuels reduction program to protect properties in Bristol Bay against losses due to wildfire. Works closely with funding agencies, Tribes, local, State and Federal entities, and landowners to provide a sustainable protection and prevention program. Prepare contract proposals, manage financials, establish professional relationships, and evaluate projects after completion.

QUALIFICATIONS: Job qualifications are stated in the full job description as Essential Job Results. Candidates must demonstrate their ability to accomplish these results. Experience: Budget development, research, grant writing. Familiarity with wildland fire prevention strategies in rural & remote areas of Alaska. Must be insurable with a current AK Drivers License Technical Skills: Computer geographic information systems (GIS) software, word-processing, GPS, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, mapping abilities, and skills with digital media equipment. Ability to collect and analyze technical data. Interpersonal skills: Excellent communication skills; ability to develop effective professional relationships with people from varying backgrounds and cultures. Familiarity with Bristol Bay area, people and cultures. Travel: Willing & able to travel in and out of region on occasion including in light aircraft. Complete achievement of the above specifications may not be required if, in the opinion of BBNA a particular candidate possesses significant offsetting characteristics, such as past accomplishments, experience, education, or estimate of future potential.

To Apply: Submit a Cover letter to demonstrate your interest in this position and your understanding of the job. Submit a fully completed job application.

WAGE: $57,504/yr ($29.49/hr) – $75,718/yr ($38.83/hr)

REPORTS TO: Forestry Division Manager DUTY STATION: Dillingham Central Office

CLOSES: October 3, 2023 PL93-638

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