Internship; Bristol Bay Ciulistet Emerging Leader – Temporary Position    

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this internship is to advance and promote the potential of young leaders residing in the Bristol Bay region, through direct work experience, focused guidance, and supervision by established regional leaders. By working within Bristol Bay’s network of peers and mentors, the intern will develop confidence and understanding of the value in having region-specific skills necessary for effective service delivery in rural remote Bristol Bay.

QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must demonstrate their ability to accomplish the Essential Job Results stated below.

Required: High School Diploma/GED. Must be at least 18 years of age. Alaska Native young adults from Bristol Bay communities who are interested in building upon the experience and knowledge they have learned through high school activities, subsistence, travel, or other experiences within Bristol Bay’s lifestyle. Bristol Bay specific leadership skills and knowledge, and connecting with a network of peers and mentors across the region. BBNC shareholder descendants residing in the Bristol Bay region are strongly encouraged to apply. Ability to attend an orientation training conducted by Raven’s Group, The Nature Conservancy, and/or BBNA staff. (Scheduling to be determined in late January or early February) Must be willing and able to abide by intern host protocols. Demonstrated ability to understand and perform duties as described below. 

WAGE: $15.00/hr. 

REPORTS TO: BBNA Economic Development Program Manager 

REPORTS TO: BBNA Economic Development Program Manager

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