Winter Trail Maps

Below are links to the winter trail maps around the Bristol Bay area. For more information or maps or if you have question you can contact Frank Woods, Forestry Program Manager at 907-842-5257 Ext. 6245 or by email at

The signs on the trail The tripods on the trail

BBNA Winter Trails Disclaimer: Please note that winter conditions have affected or damaged tripods on the trails. Persons using the trails, maps, GPS or any other BBNA-DOT Winter Trails data should do so at your own risk.

GPS Trail Map Overview

GPS Trail Maps Overview

Winter Trails Project

The Winter Trails Project was a cooperative pilot project funded by the Department of Transportation and implemented by BBNA and participating Village Councils.

The project worked to provide traditional trail information to residents by installing reflective wooden tripods and providing maps of the marked trails.  BBNA acted as coordinator while Village Councils, using local knowledge of traditional routes, conducted building and installation of the tripods.  Despite weather and other constraints the project has been reported by village residents as being very helpful and in some cases life saving.

During installation severe weather brought about budget constraints which hampered the project, however the vast majority of tripods were installed.  It should be noted that winter conditions will likely continue to affect or damage sections of tripods on the trail.

A project to re-stand existing tripods was successfully undertaken October 2004.  During this re-standing additional GPS coordinates were taken and maps were updated.  The re-stood tripods spanned from Naknek to Kulukak.  This work brought affected sections to a higher level of reliability.  Two sections of trail were not able to be re-stood. The section from Kulukak to Goodnews was not able to be re-stood due to budget constraints and updated GPS data was not acquired.   This section of trail had tripods installed but is still subject to tripod damage from weather.  The connecting section of tripods from Ekwok (to the New Stuyahok trail to Levelock) was not re-stood since construction was incomplete at the time of the re-standing project.

Due to weather conditions, sections of trail may be lost or under repair by the Village Councils.  If you are aware of damaged or fallen tripods feel free to contact the Village Council nearest that section of trail.

Please contact the Village Council nearest your trail for tripod/trail updates.   

Maps for the Winter Trails project are available from the BBNA website or Village Councils. A “field sign” is posted at the start of each trail.  Due to weather some signs may also have been damaged or fallen.   The sign reads:

Winter Trail
Weather and trail conditions can change rapidly
Travel at your own risk
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