Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force

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Our Vision

“Returning citizens are successfully integrated into the communities of Bristol Bay.”

Our Mission

“To assure that Bristol Bay residents can be returned to a safe home upon release from jail and receive the required, culturally-sound, collaborative, regionally accessible wrap-around services for success and to make sure the family, victim, and community are safe.”

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What is the Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force?

The Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force is comprised of regional service providers, State of Alaska Department of Correction (DOC and successful reentrants. The Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force welcome input about how we can help returning citizens in our region and if you would like to share your success story or be on the Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force please contact us.

Our current efforts

The Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force has a Comprehensive Reentry Plan. Please click here to download a copy of the plan. Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force hold bi-annual meetings. Meetings are held at 9am at BBNA’s main office boardroom.

For more information or how to attend contact Karl or Chrissie

For further information or the teleconference number, please feel free to contact the Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force Coordinator, Chrissie Messer by phone or fax. Our contact information is below.

Bristol Bay Native Association
P.O. Box 310
1500 Kanakanak Road Dillingham, Alaska 99576
Phone: 1-(907)-842-5257
Toll Free: 1-(800)-478-5257
Fax: 1-(907)-842-5862


Quarterly Meetings:

  • Housing – May 18th at 10 am BBNA main office board room
  • Employment/Training/Education – May 17th at 1:30 pm main office board room
  • Treatment/Wellness – May 17th at 2:30 pm main office board room
  • Community and Cultural Connectedness – May 18th at 9 am main office board room

Bi-annual Meetings:

  • Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force – To be determined for the month of June.


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BBNA received the State of Alaska Department Health and Social Services Division of Behavioral Health -Recidivism Reduction grant and the United States Department of Justice Coordinated Tribal Assistance grant to develop the Bristol Bay Reentry Task Force and Bristol Bay Reentry program.

Questions about the Reentry Task Force?

Contact the Reentry Team

1-(907)-842-5257 // Toll-free: 1-(800)-478-5257

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