Land Management

Helping tribal members get title to their land and help in managing their property is the foundation of the Land Management Services Program’s work (formerly BBNA Realty) . The Program’s files detail pending and titled acquisitions totaling more than 127,000 acres. Realty staff can help with trespass cases, gravel sales, partitions, easements and subdivisions.Landowners, including heirs, are urged to have a Will to avoid inheritance disputes among heirs and family members.


BBNA Land Management Services (LMS) staff urges all restricted landowners, including heirs, to have a Will. BBNA LMS has contracted with the Seattle University School of Law and Alaska Legal Services for an estate fellow who will assist restricted landowners with Wills, Advance Health Care Directives and Power of Attorney Forms. If a landowner needs assistance with a Will, Advance Health Care Directives, or Power of Attorney Forms, they are requested to contact BBNA LMS at (907) 842-5257 or toll-free 1-800-478-5257.


Gift deeds, sales, Revocable Use Permits, leases, easements, trespasses, partitions, land exchanges, gravel and sand permits, and subdivision reviews are a few transactions with which Realty routinely assists. Revocable Use Permits, leases and gravel permits are effective options for generating income from Native allotments or townsites without selling the land. Land partitions are sometimes used if heirs wish to subdivide inherited property so that each can receive a deed (title) to his or her part of the property. Thus individual heirs can use their portion for their own purposes without having to have the consent of the other heirs. Without a partition it can sometimes be difficult to manage land owned by several heirs, since all must agree on how the property is to be used.

Land Sales, Permits, and Leases

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