Natural Resources


Department Mission Statement: The Natural Resources Department is dedicated to protecting, maintaining and preserving the land, ecosystems and natural resources of Bristol Bay; while empowering our Tribes to enhance their subsistence, cultural and economic opportunities as described in the Bristol Bay Vision.

The purposes of the Natural Resources Department

  • Protect the rights of Bristol Bay Tribes to choose how to continue to meet their subsistence, cultural, and economic needs; and
  • Further natural resource management goals of Bristol Bay Tribes, consistent with traditional stewardship, sustainability, and self-reliance.
  • Ensure effective participation from the Bristol Bay Region in all state and federal regulatory processes that effect subsistence resources.

Staff and Contact Information

BBNA’s Comments for EPA Revised Proposed Determination 9/6/22

Programs within the Natural Resources Department

Bristol Bay Regional Vision Project

The Department is guided by the Bristol Bay Regional Vision Project, a region-wide vision statement that was created after Bristol Bay leaders listened to the opinions and concerns of nearly 1,400 participants from across the Bristol Bay region.  There was strong agreement across the region about the most important aspects of people’s lives and goals for the future, including sustaining our region’s natural resources by protecting our land, waters, and way of life.  For more information, please visit

Current Issues We Are Working On

  • Wildlife and Fisheries Issues in the Bristol Bay Region
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Southwest Alaska
  • Subsistence Fisheries
  • Marine Mammal Conservation
  • Nushagak Peninsula and Mulchatna Caribou Management
  • Migratory Bird Co-Management
  • Climate Change and Coastal Resiliency
  • Pebble Mine and Habitat Protection
  • Brownfield and Contaminated Sites
  • Village-Based Environmental Programs
  • And more…


Organizations and Processes NRD is Involved In

The Natural Resources Department assists tribes and residents for public meetings with proposals, testimonies and regulatory process with the following agencies.

Fish and Game Management (State)

Fish and Game Management (Federal)

Joint State and Federal Wildlife Management and Research Entities

Marine Mammals


Questions about the Natural Resources Department?

Contact Gayla Hoseth

Director of Natural Resources

(907)842-5257 // Toll-free 1-800-478-5757

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