Elderly Services

The goal of the BBNA Elderly Services Program is to provide services to elders in the Bristol Bay region that will help them remain in their village leading meaningful, independent lives. This is accomplished by providing all elders 60 years or older a comprehensive & coordinated system of support, nutritional, information & referral services.

BBNA Elderly Services Program provides transportation, nutrition, and supportive services to elders in many villages of the Bristol Bay Region. The hot lunch program is available to anyone over 60 years old, the husband or wife of someone over 60 years old, and a handicapped person residing with someone over 60 years old.

BBNA’s Elderly services is located in the Social Services Department at the Family Resource Center Building next to BBNA’s main office. If the person you call is not available, please let our receptionist know what you are needing and she will get someone else to help you. Our goal is to help clients in the most friendly, expedient and efficient manner possible. If you are in Dillingham, please stop by our office, have a cup of coffee and meet the staff.

Anyone can refer an elder to BBNA’s care coordination services which are provided through a state grant to cover all communities in Bristol Bay. Care coordinators provide assessment and referral services with the goal of helping seniors stay in their own communities and preferably in their own homes. Carolyn works with Pete to provide qualifying elders with chore and/respite services. Chore Services are available to elders who live alone, with no immediate family to assist with household maintenance or chores.

Respite care is meant to be an be an intermittent service to give a primary caregiver a break.

The Elderly Service Program helps Bristol Bay Elders remain in their homes and communities leading meaningful, independent lives. If necessary, staff will research and assist elders and their families in finding long term care options that are not available in the villages.

Elderly Services Program’s are funded partially through the State and Federal Goverment, with Federal Title III and Title IV providing chore services, respite care, and meal/transportation services while the State DSDS provides for Care Coordination and some of the Nutrition, Transportation and Support Services through the Alaska Commission on Aging.

Care Coordinators provide referral and coordination services for elders needing long term care support. BBNA’s Care Coordinator visits the clients of Marrulut Eniit Assisted Living (MEAL) or Gramma’s House twice a month, and works with the State DSDS and the management at Gramma’s House to ensure appropriate reimbursement.

Carolyn and Pete try to travel to each village in Bristol Bay once or twice a year to visit elders. If you would like a visit to an elder in your community or want to know what BBNA offers, please call our toll-free number.

If you have questions about eligibility for Medicaid, the Tribal Children Social Workers and village based Fee Agents can often answer them.

A major provider of elder care in the villages is provided through Personal Care Attendant services. Two agencies, Consumer Directed PCA services at 1-888-966-8777and Yuuyaraq Health (Tony Holmes) at (907)842-1718 provide PCA services which are funded through Medicaid or private pay. Alzheimer’s Resource Agency in Anchorage also provides PCA, Respite and Chore services. Call 1-800-478-1080 for more info.

Thomas Gardiner, Aging & Disabilities Division Manager

Phone: (907) 842-4139 or 1-800-478-4139 Fax: (907) 842-4106

Senior Center in Dillingham Phone: (907) 842-1297

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