Aging & Disabilities Division Services

(formerly known as the Elderly Services Program)

The goal of the BBNA Aging & Disabilities Division is to provide services to elders, persons experiencing a disability, and their families residing in the Bristol Bay region. The assistance provided will assist them remain in their village leading meaningful, independent lives. Our Focus is to continue the development of coordinated services within the region.

Aging & Disabilities Division Manager………………..Thomas Gardiner
Aging & Disabilities Division Specialist/Caseworker……. Nadia Sifsof
Aging & Disabilities Division Caseworker………. Amelia Christensen

Aging & Disabilities Division
BBNA’s Aging & Disabilities Division provides the following: Congregate and Home-Delivered Meals (through contracts with school districts within the Bristol Bay region; Options Counseling; Homemaker/Chore Services; Respite Care Services; Resource and Referral; Person-Centered Screenings; Community Outreach; Medical Equipment Lending Closet; networking with appropriate Agencies; and Advocacy and Assistance to elders and persons experiencing a disability in Alaska’s Region VII – which includes the BBBNA service area.

Aging & Disabilities Division receives program funding through State and Federal Government grant programs.

Homemaker / Chore Services are available to elders who live alone, with no immediate family to assist with household maintenance or chores.

Respite Care Services are also available to give a primary caregiver a break.

Referrals to Personal Care Attendant and Access Alaska Services are also available. Staff will coordinate and assist elders and their families in finding long-term care options that are not available with our grant programs/services. Our ADRC staff strives to travel to each village in region to visit elders and their families to determine individual needs of our clients.

If you would like a visit to an elder in your community or want to know what services are available, please call our toll-free number 1-800-842-1902, 907-842-1902 or email: Nadia at:, Amelia at:, or Thomas at:

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