Marine Mammals Program

The Marine Mammals Program promotes scientific research for sustainable marine mammal populations and harvest activities. The Marine Mammals Program provides technical assistance to Tribal Councils regarding marine mammal issues and advocates a pro-active approach to address marine mammal issues while emphasizing tribal involvement at all stages of research development and implementation. The program coordinates the activities of the Qayassiq Walrus Commission and Bristol Bay Marine Mammal Council and is cooperatively involved with the Eskimo Walrus Commission, Alaska Native Harbor Seal Commission, Alaska Beluga Whale Committee, The Alaska Sea Otter and Stellar Sea Lion Commission, and the Indigenous Peoples Council on Marine Mammals.

Click here for the PowerPoint presentation done during the Alaska Forum on the Environment meetings on a co-management subsistence panel hosted by the Indigenous People’s Council on Marine Mammals (IPCoMM) on February 5, 2009.

Check out the studies done on the following Marine Mammals:

Marine Mammal Articles/Literature

Information on Cape Greig Pacific Walrus Haulout Information.

Voluntary Subsistence Harvest Surveys

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