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Bristol Bay CEDS

A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is the result of an ongoing planning process that studies local economic conditions, identifies problems and opportunities, sets goals and objectives, coordinates implementation activities, and evaluates accomplishments. A CEDS identifies community needs and provides development strategies that coordinate the different efforts to yield efficiencies. A CEDS facilitates a unified effort to create jobs, raise income levels, diversify the economy, and improve the quality of life while protecting the environment. It adopts a logical process for long-range development while actively working on short-range problem solutions.

The CEDS Timeline:

  • December/January: Submit Projects to be included in the CEDS updates.
  • Starting in December every year looks for emails, KDLG announcements, and Facebook posts.
  • January/February: 30-Day Public Comment Period
  • March: CEDS Committee Approves CEDS
  • Quarterly: CEDS Industry Meetings
  • Weekly: Send Funding/Learning Opportunities
  • Contact Kristina Andrew if you want to be included in the CEDS email list.

CEDS Industry Meetings

The Economic Development Program hosts CEDS industry meetings as a way for our local organizations to provide feedback to the industries supported in CEDS process and hear about innovative initiatives happening in Bristol Bay.

Click here to access CEDS Industry Meeting materials.

Broadband Implementation Study

BBNA has partnered with the Denali Commission and the Bristol Bay Native Corporation to conduct a six-part study looking at global and regional virtual job opportunities once Bristol Bay communities have access to reliable internet.

Click here to learn more and review the sections of the study

Grant Writing Workshop 2022

This February Bristol Bay Native Association and Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation put together a Community Funding Workshop where attendees from across the Bristol Bay region spent three days virtually diving into:

  • Creating actionable community plans,
  • Putting those plans to work in the process of grant proposal writing, – Introductions with potential project funders,
  • Guidance on working with consultants,
  • And more!

This wildly successful workshop had upwards of 60 attendees engaging with knowledgeable speakers across the state and making connections with funders from across Alaska. Keeping up the momentum BBNA and BBEDC are offering a grant technical assistance hotline through May for questions, resources, and technical assistance on EDA funding opportunities and tools such as application checklists, sample application language, a suggested timeline, and more.

Click Here to review the recordings.


The Economic Development Program offers a variety of resource for commercial fishermen and partners with multiple agencies to increase impact. See below for a few or contact the economic development program staff for more.

Website on selling your own fish – visit

Bristol Bay Careers: Jobs in the Seafood Processing Maritime Trades

Alaska SeaGrant Marine Advisory Program: Has an agent housed at the Bristol Bay Campus in Dillingham that focuses on providing resources to commercial fishers in the Bristol Bay Region. Click here visit their website to learn more.

BBEDC: For Bristol Bay CDQ residents the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation is available for Commercial fisher. Click here to visit their website.

BBRSDA: For Bristol Bay Drift Fishers the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association has resources to assist your fishing operation. Click here to visit their website.


iFish is a digital version of the Crew Class, an introduction for entry-level crewmembers to the Bristol Bay commercial fishery provided in partnership with the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program. This training teaches basic skills on: Knots and Lines; Brailer Bag Repair; Net Mending and Hanging; Fish Picking, Handling, and Quality; Handling the Boat; Safety at Sea; and Self-Management. At the end of this training are interviews with season commercial fishing captains providing tips on what makes a good crew member. The intent of this training is to help Bristol Bay residents gain access to the commercial fishery through entry level positions.

Click here to access the i-Fish recordings.


Bristol Bay has seen some economic disruptions over the years, some causing great shifts to the way we live our lives. The Resiliency series helps local organizations prepare, withstand and adapt to changes in economic conditions. Being a resilient organization means being able to navigate disruptions without significant impacts to daily operations. But it also means using those moments of change to adapt processes and move forward for the better. Take a look at these recordings to learn how you can become more resilient.

Click here for Resiliency Series Recordings

Online Art Marketing Series

The Online Art Marketing series is available to help local artist expand their market to have an online presence. The series is for people with limited skills in online sales and marketing platforms. This Online Art Marketing series takes artist through business startup, online banking options, online selling platforms, online marketing, and the Silver Hand program.

Click here for the Online Art Marketing Series Recordings

Bristol Bay Tourism

BBNA Economic Development Program has completed a Bristol Bay region-wide visitor’s guide. The goal of the project was to promote tourism opportunities and to advertise and support Bristol Bay regional businesses. If you would like a printed copy of this guide, please contact the Economic Development program at: (907) 842-5257 ext. 6223.

Click to download a copy of the Bristol Bay Visitor Guide.

Regional Energy

The BBNA Economic Development Program oversees some of the region’s energy projects. It is charged with promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy through disseminating information, planning, partnering, advocating and administering programs and projects. These efforts support the Bristol Bay Regional Vision by fostering coordination and promoting regional planning.

Click here to learn more about Regional Energy.

Ciulistet Emerging Leaders

The Bristol Bay Ciulistet program supports young leaders from Bristol Bay by placing them with local internship opportunities, building Bristol Bay specific leadership skills and knowledge, and connecting them with a network of peers and mentors across the region. The program is designed to support Indigenous young people ages 18-28 in becoming the next generation of Bristol Bay leadership. During Ciulistet, participants will take part in an internship with a tribe, village corporation, or local or regional entity; engage in monthly calls with fellow Ciulistet participants; and take part in two retreats to deepen learning, skills, and relationships. This is the first cohort of Bristol Bay Ciulistet, and the program will take place from January-May 2023.

Click here to visit the Ciulistet Emerging Leaders Page.


Click links below to access resources.

For more information, please contact the Economic Development Program:
Kristina Andrew, Economic Development Program Manager
Toll Free: 1-800-478-5257 ext. 6223
Local: 907-842-6223
Fax: 907-842-5978

Questions about the Economic Development Program?

Contact Kristina Andrew

Economic Development Program Manager

Toll-free: 1-800-478-5257 ext. 6223 // 907-842-6223

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