Asking Price: $$160,000 Cash
Appx. Acreage: 159.98

U.S. Survey 9202 containing 159.98 acres, situated on the right bank of the Dog Salmon River, approximately 18 miles southeasterly of the village of Pilot Point, Alaska.

The subject is nearly a rectangular shaped tract of land fronting the right bank of the Dog Salmon River. It fronts the right bank of Dog Salmon River which meanders north and drains north into the Ugashik River. The property is close to Ugashik Bay to be tidal influenced. The subject has about 2,650 feet of river frontage as measured in a straight line. River flows 67 miles from glacial headwaters in a valley of the Aleutian Range situated between Mount Chiginagak and Mount Kialagvik westward to a wide, tidal zone located in the far upper reaches of Ugashik River and Bay. Among its many feeder streams are Figure Eight Creek, Goblet Creek, Wandering Creek and Mercer Creek. The river mainly has dog, pink and char salmon. Because the lower reaches of this river are silty water and the river does not have large silver and king runs, it is not very conducive to sport fishing. Through the subject is a slough like drainage area that appears to be partially navigable at high tide. Access to the property is via floatplane, shallow draft boat from Pilot Point and the village of Ugashik and by snowmobile in the winter. Surrounding land is native patent, where trespass is typically not allowed. The property is not subject to zoning. There are no improvements on the property.

The property’s highest and best use is determined to be subsistence and private residential/recreational use. Subject to a reservation for ditches and canals.

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