Asking Price: $74,200.00

The Bureau of Indian Affairs, on behalf of the Native landowner, is offering the following tract of land for Advertised Sale:

Native allotment AA-6213, Parcel A, Lot 4, Lots 1-21, U.S. Survey No. 6296, Plat No. 86-9, containing 10.046 acres. This remote property located in Southwest Alaska situated on Kokhanok Bay has the potential for residential or recreational purposes. Access is by boat or float plane. Minimum bid: Seventy-Four Thousand, Two Hundred dollars and no cents ($74,200.00). Cash or deferred payment accepted.

For more information on property, bid procedures, and terms of sale, call or write:

Bristol Bay Native Association

Land Management Services

P.O. Box 310

Dillingham, Alaska 99576

Phone: 907-842-5257

Title to land sold as a result of this advertisement will be conveyed in fee simple status by approved deed.  Award will be made to the highest bidder who meets or exceeds the minimum bid, subject to approval of the Native owner.  BID OPENING–October 28, 2016 at 3:00 PM, at Bristol Bay Native Association. Land Management Services, PO Box 310, Dillingham, AK 99576

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