Asking Price: $70,000.00
Appx. Acreage: 4.77 acres


The subject property is a 4.77 acres wooded parcel located in the Lars D. Nelson Subdivision.  It is approximately 7 miles northwest of the central business area of Dillingham, Alaska.  It lies approximately 327 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska.


Access, both physical and legal is considered good due to the good quality subdivision roads which are accessed off of Aleknagik Lake Road.  Aleknagik Lake Road is a publicly maintained asphalt highway, which supports direct access to Dillingham.

Electric and telephone are available in the subdivision within the road right of way fronting the property.  Water and sewer would need to be developed on site, consisting of a well and septic system.  This is also typical for this area.


Lot 5, Block 4, Lars D. Nelson Subdivision, recorded as Plat No. 81-5, Bristol Bay Recording District, located within NW 1/4, Section 2, Township 13 South, Range 56 West, Seward Meridian, Alaska.  Containing 4.77 acres more or less.



Subject to the following interests reserved to the United States:

A right of way thereon for ditches and canals constructed by the authority of the United States.  Act of August 30, 1890, 26 Stat. 391; 43 U.S.C. 945.

Subject to easements and dedications of record on the Plat of Lars D. Nelson Subdivision, recorded in the Bristol Bay Recording District on February 22, 1979, as Plat No. 81-5.

Please contact BBNA Land Management Services if interested in the parcel.

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