U.S. Survey No. 7542

Land for Sale U.S. Survey No. 7542, containing 76.18 acres, located roughly 5 ½ southwesterly from Aleknagik in what is called Bear Bay on Lake Aleknagik.  Beach Front access to the property which is accessable by boat or floatplane during summer months and snowmobile in the winter months. Asking price of $385,000.00.   For more information,Continue reading “U.S. Survey No. 7542”

USS 7099

Situated on the left bank of a secondary channel of the Togiak River approximately 2-1/2 miles northeasterly from Togiak, AK. The property, USS 7099, is remotely located and has no neighborhood influences other than its wilderness surroundings within Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. The closest communities of size are Dillingham, Togiak, and Manokotak. All these communitiesContinue reading “USS 7099”

USS 12083

Appx. Acreage: 39.98 Located in Southwest Alaska approximately 21 miles northeasterly of the village of Aleknagik, AK, on the northerly shore of Okslukuk Lake within surveyed Township 8 South, Range 53 West, Seward Meridian, Alaska, USS 12083. The Lake is connected to the Kokwok River. The land, which is rolling terrain rising to approximately 35 feetContinue reading “USS 12083”

U.S. SURVEY 7236

Appx. Acreage: 110.62 Situated on the right bank of Togiak River with 2,045 feet of low bank river frontage within the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. Entry onto the tract is via river front with boat or float plane during the summer or snow mobile in winter. The  small pond on this property can accommodate  a floatContinue reading “U.S. SURVEY 7236”

U.S. SURVEY 6446

Situated on the left bank of the Igushik River approximately 13 miles southwesterly from the village of Ekuk, Alaska, containing 39.99 acres, with a beach frontage of 1, 320 feet on the Igushik River and an average of 1, 318 feet in depth. This remote property located in Southwest Alaska has the potential for commercialContinue reading “U.S. SURVEY 6446”

LOT 1, U.S. SURVEY 7719

Appx. Acreage: 108.98 FOR SALE: Lot 1, U.S. Survey No. 7719, Alaska, containing 108.98 acres, situated on Amanka Lake, with 2,764 feet of water frontage. This remote property located in Southwest Alaska has the potential for commercial or recreational purposes. For more information on property, and terms of sale, call or write: Bristol Bay Native Association LandContinue reading “LOT 1, U.S. SURVEY 7719”


Located on the Mulchatna River, about 32 miles northeasterly of Koliganek, AK. It is situated one half mile north of the confluence of the Mulchatna River with the Koktuli River. Access to the tract is by boat or floatplane in the summer and snow machine in the winter. The land is well drained and suitedContinue reading “U.S. SURVEY 7680 PARCEL B”

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