The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) seeking applications

The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) on Monday announced it is seeking applications for Renewable Energy Fund (REF) grants to help Alaskans reduce the cost of energy through the development of renewable energy projects. To learn more about REF and to apply for a Round 13 grant, visit Renewable Energy Fund (REF) Grants, then click onContinue reading “The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) seeking applications”

Wildlands Fire Emergencies

July is one of our warmer months during the summer…In case of all Wildlands Fire Emergencies, or if you see smoke:FIRST contact Local Enforcement: VPSO / STATE TROOPERS/And/Or 911 to report a fire. You can also call Statewide wildland fire reporting at 1-800-237-3633and BBNA/ LMS Director/Realty Officer and/or his or her designee1-800-478-5257 or 907-842-5257. ForContinue reading “Wildlands Fire Emergencies”

Coronavirus Disease 2019. CDC. Get The Facts. Be Prepared

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the leading national public health institute of the United States. The CDC is a United States federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. links you to factual, updated information about the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).    Arm yourself withContinue reading “Coronavirus Disease 2019. CDC. Get The Facts. Be Prepared”

AFN Census Outreach

The Alaska Federation of Natives is hiring individuals to assist with 2020 U.S. Census awareness. The person will be paid $375 for doing the following (4) tasks: Share a post on Facebook; Print and hang posters in the village (e.g., store, school, post office, city hall); Attend a meeting (e.g., City Council, Tribal Council, School Board,Continue reading “AFN Census Outreach”

2.5 GHz Rural Tribal Window

See the FCC Announcement for more information. FCC Summary: This window is a unique opportunity for Tribes in rural areas to directly access unassigned spectrum over their Tribal lands, subject to buildout requirements. The 2.5 GHz band is suitable for both mobile coverage and fixed point-to-point uses, and is currently used to provide broadband serviceContinue reading “2.5 GHz Rural Tribal Window”