Grant Writing Workshop 2022

This February Bristol Bay Native Association and Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation put together a Community Funding Workshop where attendees from across the Bristol Bay region spent three days virtually diving into:

  • Creating actionable community plans,
  • Putting those plans to work in the process of grant proposal writing, – Introductions with potential project funders,
  • Guidance on working with consultants,
  • And more!

This wildly successful workshop had upwards of 60 attendees engaging with knowledgeable speakers across the state and making connections with funders from across Alaska. Keeping up the momentum BBNA and BBEDC are offering a grant technical assistance hotline through May for questions, resources, and technical assistance on EDA funding opportunities and tools such as application checklists, sample application language, a suggested timeline, and more.

Call today at (877) 902-8455

Workshop Presenter Contact Information


Workshop Recordings

Day 1 – February 16, 2022

1.0 Bristol Bay Community Funding Workshop Day 1 Agenda

1.1 Infrastructure Bill Overview (recording), 2022 BBNA Grant Workshop
1.2 Community Planning (recording), 2022 BBNA Grant Workshop
1.3 Community Engagement (recording), 2022 BBNA Grant Workshop
1.4 From Plan to Project (recording), 2022 BBNA Grant Workshop

Day 2 – February 16, 2022

2.1 Building Your Toolkit (recording), 2022 BBNA Grant Workshop
2.2 Partnership (recording), 2022 BBNA Grant Workshop
2.3 How Do I Building a Budget (recording), 2022 BBNA Grant Workshop
2.4 Data Collection (recording), 2022 BBNA Grant Workshop

Day 3 – February 17, 2022

3.1 Why Weren’t We Funded (recording), 2022 BBNA Grant Workshop
3.2 Bringing It All Together (recording), 2022 BBNA Grant Workshop
3.3 Funding Basics (recording), 2022 BBNA Grant Workshop

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