AFN Census Outreach

The Alaska Federation of Natives is hiring individuals to assist with 2020 U.S. Census awareness. The person will be paid $375 for doing the following (4) tasks:

  • Share a post on Facebook;
  • Print and hang posters in the village (e.g., store, school, post office, city hall);
  • Attend a meeting (e.g., City Council, Tribal Council, School Board, etc.) or host a meeting to tell Native people about the Census; and
  • Share information on questions 5 and 9. 

Downloading and finishing the application is very simple. It’s an easy way to make $375. If the village or hub-community listed below is big, we can hire more than one individual. 
Even if the Census has already counted your village, AFN wants to hire a person to continue to share basic information. One example is letting people know that if they have marked ‘Yup’ik’ for their ‘tribal affiliation,’ that they should more clearly identify their village tribal by name. This correction can still be made for the 2020 Census and will result in getting increased federal funding for tribal programs like Head Start, SNAP, TANF, and WIC.
We have hired for most of your region, but still need individuals in the following villages and/or hub-communities: 

Chignik Bay
Chignik Lagoon
Clarks Point
Ivanof Bay
King Salmon
New Koliganek

New Stuyahok
Pedro Bay
Pilot Point
Port Heiden
Portage Creek
South Naknek
Twin Hills

Click here to download the application. 

Please submit your applications and questions to Nicole Borromeo, Executive Vice President and General Counsel.

Alaska Federation of Natives
3000 A St., Ste. 210
Anchorage, AK 99503
Main (907) 274-2611
Fax (907) 276-7989

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