Bristol Bay Reentry/Recovery Webinar  October 11th – 14th

You are invited to attend the Bristol Bay Reentry/Recovery Webinar. October 11th – 14th Hosted by Bristol Bay Native Association Reentry Program and the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation Opioid Prevention Program. 

This Webinar aims to talk about Historical and Intergenerational Trauma, Fidelity Bonding Variances, and Work Opportunity Tax Credits, Talking Circles, Recovery Stories and much more. 

To register, please click here. Please pass on to anyone that you may think would benefit from this webinar.  Reentry Recovery Flyer & Reentry and Recovery week Agenda

  • Karl R. Clark, Interim Reentry Program Manager
  • Community Services Department
  • Bristol Bay Native Association
  • P.O. Box 310
  • Dillingham, Alaska 99576
  • PH: (907) 842-5257 Ext. 446
  • Fax: (907) 842-3498
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