FEMA Emergency Drill

The Alaska Department of Transportation (DOT) coordinated an Emergency Rescue Drill in Dillingham on May 24, 2022.  State of Alaska: DOT, PF and State Troopers; City of Dillingham: Police, Fire Department, City Staff, and Search and Rescue; BBNA VPSO’s, Alaska Airlines; Grant Aviation; Alaska Cargo Service; and Kanakanak Hospital; Responded to the Emergency Drill. Peter Pan Seafood and some other volunteers participated in the Emergency Drill as well as victims in the Crash.

The Scenario for the Drill was: An Alaska Airlines 737-800 departs RWY 19 at approximately 08-58 am on May 24, 2022. The aircraft experiences multiple bird ingestions into both engines at about 500 fee AGL from a flock of migrating waterfowl. The resulting bird ingestions causes catastrophic damage to both engines with a complete loss of power. The Pilots declare an emergency over DLG CTAF and attempts to return to DLG. The attempted return fails due to phase of flight and altitude, and at around 0900 the aircraft ditches into the Nushagak River approximately 1 mile SE of the Dillingham Airport. The aircraft successfully lands in the water mostly intact. An aircraft overhead reports passengers and crew evacuating the aircraft on to the wings and out the main doors onto the escape rafts.

The drill begins with initial notification from the DLG Flight Service Station to DLG DT ARFF via phone notification. Notification to Mutual Aid Agencies was made through the Dillingham Police Department Dispatch over the City Fire VHF channel. Dillingham Search and Rescue was notified by AST or DPD.

The exercise took place in the Dillingham Small Boat Harbor, Incident Command was set up at the south Ramp. Lifeline Logistics their barge simulated the downed aircraft inside the harbor.

  • DOT responded with the Water Rescue Trailer and other equipment that deemed necessary by IC.  
  • DVFD & RS set up the Triage Point and Provided transportation of wounded survivors to Kanakanak hospital.
  • Harbor Master responded with skiff and personnel.
  • DPD provided scene security and perimeter control.
  • AST & VPSO provided response to crash site, security and responders with skiff to rescue.
  • Dillingham Search and Rescue provided volunteers and responders with skiffs to rescue survivors.
  • Kanakanak Hospital set up their Incident Command and prepared for a large influx of wounded survivors.
  • ACS provided equipment and personnel as needed.
  • Grant Aviation provided equipment and personnel as needed.
  • Alaska Airlines provided Station Agent on Scene with aircraft manifest and assisted the IC and internal response plans.

For more information about the Emergency Drill please contact the State of Alaska Department of Transportation (DOT) at 907-842-5211 or the BBNA VPSO program at 907-842-5257.

Photos from the Drill

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