Garvin Federenko, BBNA President and Chief Executive Officer

Garvin Federenko, BBNA President and Chief Executive Officer

As editor of the BBNA newsletter, I recently had the opportunity for a brief interview with our new President and Chief Executive Officer.  BBNA welcomed Garvin Federenko to his first official day on July 5th.  While he was preparing his office for action, much of Bristol Bay was handling the salmon run.    Here is what I learned.  

Garvin is originally from Canada and moved to Anchorage, Alaska in 1982.  He received his Bachelor of Business Administration from UAA in 1986 and a Master of Business Administration in 2004.  Searching for more information online, I also learned that while beginning his career in non-profit finance he was also a hockey player, a goalie for the Anchorage Aces. 

Since then, Garvin has accrued 35 years of experience working for Alaska non-profit Native organizations.  Most recently, this includes 23 years as the Chief Financial Officer for the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC).   Earlier in his career, he worked in finance for the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, the Association of Village Council Presidents, and Chugachmiut. 

I asked Garvin what he hopes for.  He responded that he wants to visit each Bristol Bay village and get to know village perspectives on the way of life in Bristol Bay.  Through that learning, he hopes to help with the region’s efforts towards stable economic growth.   He feels that visiting in person will give him a better sense of how BBNA can leverage resources to help villages with their plans for sustainability. 

Garvin said he is also looking forward to opportunities for personal growth that will come with his new position at BBNA.  We know that life is truly enriched by getting to know Bristol Bay’s people and working on behalf of regional Tribes.  So, welcome to the BBNA Team Garvin Federenko.

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