Winners of the Remote Work Study Drawing

Congratulations to the winners of the iPad drawing for the Remote Work Study:

  • Amber Peterson Tanuva
  • Kimberly Yukluk

What is the Remote Work Study? 

BBNA has partnered with the Denali Commission and the Bristol Bay Native Corporation to conduct a six-part study looking at global and regional virtual job opportunities once Bristol Bay communities have access to reliable internet.

What is the purpose of the RWS? 

Develop an Implementation Plan for broadband and virtual jobs adoption as a development strategy for Bristol Bay.

The Bristol Bay region is building out new broadband infrastructure, with many stakeholders working together for regional development. This creates an environment for adopting broadband to promote quality of life and economic development. An Implementation Plan is needed to de-risk adoption that public and private entities can implement.

For more information about the Remote Work Study, review the previously posting information available at

Who is involved?

Communities of New Stu, Chignik Lagoon, those who engaged digitally via Facebook, BBNA, BBNC Shareholder Development, and Information Insights.

More information about the drawing

Information Insights did a random digital drawing with online and paper survey participants. The drawing took place on 12/7/2022.

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