U. S. SURVEY 9183

Asking Price: $64,000 Situated approximately 8 ½ miles southeasterly of the village of Egegik, Alaska.  Access is in winter with snow mobile.  Terrain is generally level with a slight slope to the northwest. The ground surface is predominately rocky tussocks. Vegetation is low lying tundra plants. Best use of this land is determined to be subsistenceContinue reading “U. S. SURVEY 9183”

Track A, U.S. SURVEY 7953

Fronts the right bank of the Nushagak River about two miles southwesterly of the village of Ekwok, Alaska.  Access is by boat and float plane via Nushagak River.  Terrain is nearly flat topography, which is well drained, with potential building sites.  The property has 1,533 feet of Nushagak River frontage, which forms the south boundary. Continue reading “Track A, U.S. SURVEY 7953”

LOT 1, U.S. SURVEY 11297

Located 13 miles northwest of Chignik Lake situated on the right bank of the Chignik River. Topography is relatively level to gently rolling tundra covered with scattered alder, native grasses and berry plants. Access with shallow draft boat in the summer and snowmobile in the winter. Best use of this land is determined to beContinue reading “LOT 1, U.S. SURVEY 11297”

U.S. SURVEY 8476

Located 3/4 miles northerly of Ugashik, Alaska situated on the left bank of the Ugashik River.  Topography is mainly low lying tundra covered with scattered alder, native grasses and berry plants with interspersed brush.  The land has potential for a lodge site, given the nearby road accessible State airstrip, float plane and skiff accessibility.  SubjectContinue reading “U.S. SURVEY 8476”


Asking Price: $65,000 Property is on the west side of Nushagak Bay, 28 miles southwest of Dillingham, AK.  Property is located 3.5 miles south of mouth of the Igushik River, with 1,550 feet of frontage on Nushagak Bay.  Summer access is by wheeled plane, floatplane, or boat; Winter access is by snow machine.  Vegetation is grasses,Continue reading “WEST SIDE OF NUSHAGAK BAY”