iFish is a digital version of the Crew Class, an introduction for entry-level crewmembers to the Bristol Bay commercial fishery provided in partnership with the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program. This training teaches basic skills on: Knots and Lines; Brailer Bag Repair; Net Mending and Hanging; Fish Picking, Handling, and Quality; Handling the Boat; Safety at Sea; and Self-Management. At the end of this training are interviews with season commercial fishing captains providing tips on what makes a good crew member. The intent of this training is to help Bristol Bay residents gain access to the commercial fishery through entry level positions.

There are two books that accompany this training. We worked with the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association, in Sitka for the Beating the Odds book and the Care and Handling of Salmon: The Key to Quality book can be sourced directly from ASMI. Also, there is a PDF version here.

What you need on hand to practice this training:

  • One roll of black tape
  • 3 pack of plastic fids
  • Safety water-proof whistle
  • One steel needle for mending brailers
  • One large needle for net hanging with #21 or #18 twine
  • One small needle for net mending, with twine that is appropriate
  • One section of twisted line
  • One section of hollow braided line
  • Hanging twine for cork and lead line
  • Waxed thread for mending brailers and web

Purchasing Kit Content: If you are interested in purchasing kit content, we worked with Seattle Marine Supply in Seattle to get most of the material and Amazon.com to acquire whistles and steel needles. Or you can ask to borrow these materials from a commercial fisher in your community.

  • Contact
  • Gabe Dunham, Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program
  • gabe.dunham@alaska.edu
  • Kristina Andrew, Bristol Bay Native Association
  • krandrew@bbna.com
  • 907-842-6223
  • Special Thanks To:
  • Gwendolyn Wilson
  • Patty Heyano
  • Daniel Andrew
  • Fritz Johnson
  • Gregg Marxmiller
  • John Bennett
  • Lindsay Layland
  • Robert Heyano
  • Johanna Bouker
  • and To our funders: Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation and the USDA!
  • Quyana!!!

Below are the iFish video demonstrations. They include all the components of the in person Crew Class. Please watch and share as you see fit. If you cannot access these videos please contact BBNA Program Development Staff for a copy of these videos on a thumb drive.

1) Start Here – iFish Introduction

1) Start Here – iFish Introduction

2) iFish – Knots & Lines

iFish – Knots & Lines

3) iFish – Net Hanging and Mending

iFish – Net Hanging and Mending

4) iFish – Brailer Bag Repair

iFish – Brailer Bag Repair

5) iFish – Fish Picking, Handling, and Quality

iFish – Fish Picking, Handling, and Quality

6) iFish – Handling the Boat

iFish – Handling the Boat

7) iFish – Safety on the Water

iFish – Safety on the Water

8) iFish – Self Management

iFish – Self Management

Chillin’ in Bristol Bay

Chillin’ in Bristol Bay
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