Online Art Marketing Series

The Online Art Marketing series is available to help local artist expand their market to have an online presence. The series is for people with limited skills in online sales and marketing platforms. This Online Art Marketing series takes artist through business startup, online banking options, online selling platforms, online marketing, and the Silver Hand program.

The Bristol Bay Native Association would like to thank our fiscal sponsor for this workshop series: Quyana to:

Material Credit:

This Online Art Marketing Series was produced in partnership with the Alaska Small Business Development Center. Quyana to their team for developing this material available to our Artists.

  • If you would like to know more about this series please contact:
  • Kristina Andrew
  • 907-842-6223

1.0 Starting a Business

Starting a Business

2.0 Online Banking Options

Online Banking Options

3.0 Online Selling Platforms 

Online Selling Platforms

4.0 Online Marketing  

Online Marketing

5.0 Silver Hand 

Sliver Hand
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