CEDS – Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process provides an opportunity to review the projects outlined in the Action Plan of the CEDS to determine the success of the desired outcomes of those projects. Each entity participating in the CEDS has set its own evaluation measures to follow after implementation of the projects, examples below:  

  • Number of jobs created
  • Number of jobs retained in the region
  • Number and types of public investments generated by the projects
  • Amount of private sector investments in the region generated by the projects
  • Changes in the economic conditions in the region
  • Completion of the project
  • And many more.


Another evaluation process for the CEDS is the EDA generated Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) report. This report helps track the impact of the CEDS and identify which projects received funding and from what source. Entities that participate in the CEDS will be asked to volunteer information about their projects for this GPRA report.


Questions about the CEDS?

Contact Kristina Andrew

Economic Development Program Manager


(907)-842-5257 ext. 6223

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