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2022-2026 CEDS Industry GOALS

Culture Goal

Support and promote regionally based Cultural Revitalization efforts to empower and heal our communities.

Culture Goal Brainstorm

Used temporary goal in the approved CEDS for the brainstorm to build and refine using the SWOT data: Support region wide Cultural Revitalization efforts that empower and heal the local population.

Energy Goal

Support Bristol Bay’s Energy needs through education, data collection, planning, and broadband and energy project development.

Energy Goal Brainstorm

  • Train 30 community (BB wide) members in solar installation by summer of 2026 through hands on program application.
  • Current regional adult or traditional college students have enhanced educational/workforce development around energy initiatives.
  • Further push into community/s for solar installation by locally trained technicians, multiple arrays installed publicly and privately by trained technicians by 2026
  • Wind Farms
  • Goal for getting off Diesel as primary source but keep generators as back up. (Renewable energy to curtail diesel generators)
  • Unlimited High-Speed internet

Fishery Goal

Increase awareness of fisheries needs, priorities, and importance at the local, state and federal levels to ensure sustained and increased local participation and increase efficiency in access to resources.

Fishery Goal Brainstorm:

  • Youth Engagement to make them aware importance of fishery
  • Make Locals aware of reducing costs, increase quality/revenue practices
  • More completive ex-vessel prices
  • Better prepared/completive Fishers: equipment, vessels, and fish quality
  • Access to knowledge
  • Retain permits
  • Providing more opportunities
  • Train people on money management, tax deduction opportunities, and importance on filling taxes
  • Wider outreach for Public Relationships on services and fishery activities
  • Increase advocacy efforts increasing awareness on the state, federal, and local levels
  • Maria Cantwell example to encourage Federal agencies to streamline response time by updating policy w/ congressional disaster response for tribes
  • Educate young people earlier
  • Keep people in the fishery
  • Advocacy –Education
  • Increase local fishery access
  • Education on what is the difference on benefits of Chignik and Bristol Bay Salmon Quality
  • Meeting w/local Salmon Promoters
  • Have more locals access BBRSA promotion material
  • Brand the Bristol Bay Fishery and promote local resident access to the fishery.
  • Continued protection of salmon & subsistence resources

This goal was based on the SWOT Analysis results from the August 27, 2021, Fishery Industry meeting. Bristol Bay and Chignik Fisheries have populations that have adequate access to resources and have experience in and around the fishery policies. Areas of deficiency are in public awareness of those opportunities. Given the unique nature of both fisheries, in abundance for Bristol Bay and stock concerns in the Chignik Fishery it became noticeably clear from the SWOT both could use more advocacy at the local, state, and federal level. Meeting participants suggested various goals around educating local people on fishery opportunities and the importance fisheries play in the local economy. As well as a great need to keep state and federal policy makers informed on the impact the governing bodies have on the small fishing businesses and important roll the commercial fisheries play in the local economy and livelihoods of those involved.

Tourism Goal

Promote collaboration and coordination to increase access to locally owned resources, businesses, and cultural awareness for the tourism industry.

Tourism Goal Brainstorm

  • Visitor Center
  • Develop Graphics & Branding
  • Resource Guide
  • Visit Bristol Bay website
  • Leverage increase visitors access to
  • Locally owned resource/business/cultural
  • Collaboration and coordination

Based on the SWOT Analysis it became apparent that the region has adequate resources to support tourism but there is a need for more access to local resources for Bristol Bay guests. Better coordination and collaboration between local entities to ensure promotion of local businesses was identified as a way to increase Tourism revenue among local businesses. 

Transportation & Infrastructure Goal

Through partnerships and collaboration, increase access to planning and funding resources to support Bristol Bay Communities Transportation and Infrastructure needs to sustain and grow the region.

Transportation and Infrastructure Goal Brainstorm

  • Possible Transportation and Infrastructure Goals:
  • Increase partnerships between Entities to promote stronger Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Bristol Bay Communities have more projects on the list Capital Improvement Projects.
  • Increase Bristol Bay communities’ ability to access state and federal bonds
  • Increase access to state and federal funding resources

Workforce Goal

Strengthen Bristol Bay’s workforce by encouraging partnerships to provide resources needed; to further local hiring opportunities, ensuring access to health and wellness information, and for education, training, and employment opportunities.

Workforce Goal Brainstorm

  • Keep current CEDS Workforce goal relevant/current
  • collaborate /network
  • Emphases Partnership/collaboration
  • protecting/Ensure Healthy happy lives/our way of life
  • Providing Resources

This goal was created based on the SWOT Analysis results from the November 10, 2021 Workforce Development Industry Meeting. The Bristol Bay region has always placed great emphasis on training its local workforce for economic opportunities. Based on the SWOT and discussion at the meeting it became clear that Bristol Bay entities wanted to continue to further partnership opportunities and encourage local hire when it comes to workforce development. Due to changes in workforce demands, new education and training opportunities are always shifting. It is up to Bristol Bay based entities to relay their needs to other local organizations to help identify partnership and collaborative opportunities.

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