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COVID-19 Recovery Projects:

  • Project: Pilot Point Native Corporation (PPNC) Energy, Employment, and Infrastructure needs to provide economic stability and safety to the shareholders and residents of Pilot Point
  • Project: Support Bristol Bay communities respond, recover, and mitigate from the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Culture Projects:

  • Project: BBNCEF- The Bristol Bay Teaching & Learning Collaborative’s (BBTLC)
  • Project: BBNC Culture Camp
  • Project: Assess and Develop Plan to restore and increase speakers for the Peninsula Dialect of Alutiiq language
  • Project: UAF-BBC Improve student success through development of curriculum and instructors that incorporates Alaskan Native Art, Language, or Cultural Activities
  • Project: Create new and better access to octopus subsistence for the communities of Chignik Bay, Chignik Lake, Chignik Lagoon, and surrounding areas
  • Project: Develop increased participation in subsistence activities
  • Project: BBNA Hunting, Fishing and Gathering Task Force
  • Project: BBNA Developing Tribal Environmental Codes within Bristol Bay Region
  • Project: BBNA Hunter Orientation Training for Bristol Bay Marine Mammal Hunters.
  • Increase awareness of marine mammal hunting techniques and uses to the younger generation
  • Project: BBB ChamberExpand public access to projects that interpret the regional cultural resources of Bristol Bay that are currently housed in local, regional, state, federal, and international archives, and collections
  • Project: BBB ChamberExpand and strengthen cultural resource management capacity of Bristol Bay by developing historic preservation commissions, tribal historic preservation offices, and cultural resource departments within regional, tribal, and municipalities

Energy Projects:

  • Project: Sustainable Energy with Renewable Resources- Port Heiden
  • Project: Togiak Hydroelectric
  • Project: Nushagak Cooperatives Nuyakuk Hydroelectric Project
  • Project: BBNC Organizational Options for a Tribal Energy Collaborative in the Bristol Bay Region
  • Project: Bristol Bay Campus to Perform sustainable energy applied research to benefit Bristol Bay.
  • Project: Support Bristol Bay communities accessing broadband spectrums that improve access and quality of services.
  • Project: Support the Bristol Bay communities and Tribal entities with weatherization and energy efficiency through local hire.
  • Project: To bring high speed Internet to the Bristol Bay Borough.

Fishery Projects:

  • Project: UAF-BBC Create Marine Technology Education Credential
  • Project: Observe a Fish First Priority
  • Project: Chignik Management Area salmon escapement enumeration and quality project
  • Project: Support the Chignik Fisheries recovery/restoration from multiple fishery disasters

Tourism Projects:

  • Project: City of Chignik Revitalization of the Historical Boardwalk and theater to create a Historical Cultural Information Center and a popular destination for visitors.
  • Project: Develop a comprehensive list of tourist attractions in Bristol Bay for the purpose of creating a regional marketing campaign.
  • Project: Increase Tourism in the Bristol Bay Borough through Development of Visitor Infrastructure in King Salmon, Alaska.
  • Project: Construct a new Boat House facility to expand the exhibition space of the Bristol Bay Historical Society Museum.

Transportation & Infrastructure Projects:

  • Project: Design and construct new Southwest Alaska Vocational and Training Center
  • Project: Support City of Aleknagik’s Capital Improvement Projects
  • Project: Support Bristol Bay Borough infrastructure projects
  • Project: Support Lake and Peninsula Borough infrastructure projects
  • Project: City of Dillingham Landfill Shop Building
  • Project: Support Dillingham community infrastructure projects
  • Project: Pilot Point Seafood Processing Facility
  • Project: Pilot Point Airstrip Extension Project
  • Project: Ugashik River Road
  • Project: Pilot Point Village Council Long Range Transportation Plan
  • Project: Pilot Point Bulkhead & Renovation Project
  • Project: Portage Creek solid waste landfill relocation
  • Project: Camai Community Health Center (CCHC) Expansion Project
  • Project: A village-based Processing Plant located in Levelock, AK.
  • Project: BBNA Tribal Transportation Improvement Plan (TTIP) 2021-2025
  • Project: Support the Ekuk-Clarks Point Road
  • Project:Protection of Ekuk Beach commercial fishing set net site infrastructure
  • Project:  Ekuk Long Range Transportation Plan
  • Project: Clarks Point Long Range Transportation Plan
  • Project: Clarks Point Housing Procurement for Local Growth and Infrastructure
  • Project: DICE Dillingham Community Center with a Swimming Pool
  • Project: Development of a new nonprofit, DICE: Dillingham Initiatives for Community Engagement
  • Project: Complete Phases 2 and 3 of the Dillingham Downtown Park Renovation Project for DICE
  • Project: Perryville Boat Haul-out and Pad for the vessels
  • Project: Perryville Seafood Processing Facility
  • Project: Perryville Waterfront Development
  • Project: Igiugig Diamond Point Barge Landing Facility
  • Project: Igiugig Float Plane Lake Access Road aka High Ridge Road Phase II
  • Project: Provide Port Heiden with a salmon processing facility to ensure future economic stability for our community.
  • Project: Chignik Memorial Park

Workforce Projects:

  • Project: Increase healthy, educated, and employed local regional workforce through SAVEC’s mission to promote, coordinate and provide high quality training and education to residents of Southwest Alaska
  • Project: UAF-BBC Support workforce readiness by offering a variety of vocational training courses each year to meet the needs of our regional partners
  • Project: UAF-BBC Increase effective transitions into postsecondary education by supporting dual credit classes
  • Project: Bristol Bay Regional Career and Technical Education Program to build workforce skills and job and career awareness that directly relates to the Bristol Bay Region for youth
  • Project: Increase BBNC shareholder employment and education opportunities
  • Project: KDLG Assure Bristol Bay’s access to relevant news, public safety information, vocational education, and entertainment
  • Project: Bristol Bay Drug & Opioid Task Force Bristol Bay
  • Project: Build capacity and adaptation planning for the Chignik Intertribal Coalition (CIC)
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