CEDS – Executive Summary


  1. Project: Support Bristol Bay communities respond, recover, and mitigate from the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic


  1. Project: BBNCEF- The Bristol Bay Teaching & Learning Collaborative’s (BBTLC)
  2. Project: BBNC Culture Camp
  3. Project: BBNCEF Assess and Develop Plan to restore and increase speakers for the Peninsula Dialect of Alutiiq language
  4. Project: UAF-BBC Improve student success through development of curriculum and instructors that incorporates Alaskan Native Art, Language, or Cultural Activities
  5. Project: Tuyuryaq Youth Activities and Cultural Center, City of Togiak


  1. Project: Sustainable Energy with Renewable Resources-Togiak
  2. Project: Study of sustainable energy with Renewable Resources – Togiak, Small hydroelectric
  3. Project: Nushagak Cooperatives Exploration of the Nuyakuk Hydroelectric Project
  4. Project: BBNC Organizational Options for a Tribal Energy Collaborative in the Bristol Bay Region
  5. Project: Bristol Bay Campus to Perform sustainable energy applied research to benefit Bristol Bay.
  6. Project: Support Bristol Bay communities accessing broadband spectrums that improve access and quality of services.
  7. Project: Support the Bristol Bay communities and Tribal entities with weatherization and energy efficiency through local hire.
  8. Project: Renewable Energy Exploration- Levelock
  9. Project: Chignik Lagoon Solar Feasibility Study
  10. Project: Chignik Lagoon Diesel Generator Plant
  11. Project: Chignik Lagoon High Speed Fiber Optic Internet
  12. Project: Nondalton City Bulk Fuel Facility
  13. Project: Generation Support for the Village of South Naknek-NEA
  14. Project: Row Maintenance, clearing trees from around power lines. -NEA


  1. Project: Create Marine Technology Education Credential-BBC
  2. Project: Observe a Fish First Priority
  3. Project: Support the Chignik Fisheries recovery/restoration from multiple fishery disasters (CIC).


  1. Project: City of Chignik Revitalization of the Historical Boardwalk and theater to create a Historical Cultural Information Center and a popular destination for visitors.
  2. Project: Develop a comprehensive list of tourist attractions in Bristol Bay for the purpose of creating a regional marketing campaign.
  3. Project: Increase Tourism in the Bristol Bay Borough through Development of Visitor Infrastructure in King Salmon, Alaska.
  4. Project: Construct a new Boat House facility to expand the exhibition space of the Bristol Bay Historical Society Museum.


  1. Project: Support Bristol Bay Community Capital Improvement Projects
  2. Project: Design and construct new Southwest Alaska Vocational and Training Center
  3. Project: City of Dillingham Landfill Shop Building
  4. Project: Pilot Point Seafood Processing Facility
  5. Project: Pilot Point Village Council Long Range Transportation Plan
  6. Project: Pilot Point Bulkhead & Renovation Project
  7. Project: Portage Creek solid waste landfill relocation
  8. Project: Support the Ekuk-Clarks Point Road
  9. Project: Protection of Ekuk Beach commercial fishing set net site infrastructure
  10. Project: Priority Road Projects Identified by the Ekuk Village Council.
  11. Project: Clarks Point Long Range Transportation Plan
  12. Project: Clarks Point Housing Procurement for Local Growth and Infrastructure
  13. Project: Perryville Boat Haul-out and Pad for the vessels
  14. Project: Perryville Seafood Processing Facility
  15. Project: Igiugig Diamond Point Barge Landing Facility
  16. Project: Chignik Memorial Park
  17. Project: Community patrol vehicle- New Stuyahok
  18. Project: Renovate city resource building- New Stuyahok City office.
  19. Project: Native Village of Levelock 75-Bed Housing Facility
  20. Project: Airport terminal building for Village of Levelock
  21. Project: A Community center for Levelock
  22. Project: Tribal Fish Processing Facility – Levelock
  23. Project: Perryville Aquatic Center – Perryville Community Swimming Pool
  24. Project: Design & Construction of Two Tsunami Shelters Preliminary Engineering Report- Chignik Bay
  25. Project: Improve Current and Develop New Recycling and Reuse Programs for the City of Dillingham
  26. Project: Develop a Local Housing Strategy for the City of Dillingham and surrounding area.
  27. Project: Ekwok Green Building
  28. Project: Ekwok Ambient and Indoor Air Quality (Addressing Mold)
  29. Project: Ekwok Water Quality Benchmarking
  30. Project: Ekwok Contaminated Site Remediation and Emergency Response


  1. Project: Increase healthy, educated, and employed local regional workforce through SAVEC’s mission to promote, coordinate and provide high quality training and education to residents of Southwest Alaska
  2. Project: UAF-BBC Support workforce readiness by offering a variety of vocational training courses each year to meet the needs of our regional partners
  3. Project: UAF-BBC Increase effective transitions into postsecondary education by supporting dual credit classes
  4. Project: Bristol Bay Regional Career and Technical Education Program to build workforce skills and job and career awareness that directly relates to the Bristol Bay Region for youth
  5. Project: Increase BBNC shareholder employment and education opportunities
  6. Project: KDLG Assure Bristol Bay’s access to relevant news, public safety information, vocational education, and entertainment
  7. Project: Bristol Bay Drug & Opioid Task Force Bristol Bay
  8. Project: Build capacity and adaptation planning for the Chignik Intertribal Coalition (CIC)
  9. Project: Bristol Bay Native Corporation Caliaq Program
  10. Project: Multipurpose Van or vehicle for Southwest Alaska Vocational and Training Center
  11. Project: Driver Education Vehicle for Southwest Alaska Vocational and Training Center

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