Project: Sustainable Energy with Renewable Resources-Togiak

Project Description: The community of Togiak has been exploring viable alternative renewable energy projects since 2000. As of 2023 the current focus is on wind energy and solar. If hydro power can be harnessed without impacting the fishery resources hydro is a possibility through reconnaissance study for water flow and prospect a site for reservoir site.

People/Organizations responsible for completing these steps: Traditional Council of Togiak, AVEC

Cost Estimates:

Costs: $1,300,000

Timeline: 3 to 4 years.

Funding Partners: Department of Energy, Rural Development for Alternative Energy

Evaluation Measures:

  • Identification of one or more alternative energy sources
  • Project feasibility study completed.

Key Project Contact:

Name: Peter Lockuk Sr. or, (907) 493-5002, or (907) 493-6234 cell.

Title: Treasure

Organization: Traditional Council of Togiak

Questions about the CEDS?

Contact Kristina Andrew

Economic Development Program Manager

(907)-842-5257 ext. 6223

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