Project: City of Dillingham Landfill Shop Building

Project Description: Replace a shop building at the City landfill that was lost to a fire in January 2021. The insurance payment will cover about ½ the replacement cost of the building.

People/Organizations responsible for completing these steps: Currently just the City staff. The City uses CRW engineers so they will probably be the engineering firm, although the possibility of a pre-engineered structure is also being investigated.

Cost Estimates:

Costs: estimate of $1,000,000

Timeline: Within next 12 months

Funding Partners: None identified at this time.

Evaluation Measures:

  • Completion of the Landfill Shop
  • Dollars saved from reducing transportation costs
  • Increased Revenue for landfill

Key Project Contact:

Name: Robert Mawson

Title: City Manager, Public Works Director

Organization: City of Dillingham

Questions about the CEDS?

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