Project: Clarks Point Housing Procurement for Local Growth and Infrastructure

Project Description: To procure safe and affordable housing in Clarks Point to increase local infrastructure and promote growth in the community. Currently, there is not enough housing for those who reside in the community, therefore, there are not housing opportunities for others to relocate to Clarks Point. Without housing, Clarks Point will be incredibly hindered for future opportunities to create jobs and build on existing infrastructure.

People/ Organization responsible for completing these steps: Clarks Point Village Council, the City of Clarks Point, Bristol Bay Housing Authority, Alaska Housing Finance, and ANTHC

Cost Estimates:

Cost: $750,000

Timeline: 2021-2022

Funding Partners: Clarks Point Village Council, BBEDC, HUD, USDA

Evaluation Measures:

  • Three houses built
  • Number of seasonal jobs created for construction
  • Number of permanent jobs to maintain homes

Key Project Contact:

Name: Danielle Aikins

Title: Tribal Administrator

Organization: Clarks Point Village Council

Questions about the CEDS?

Contact Kristina Andrew

Economic Development Program Manager

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