Project: Develop a Local Housing Strategy for the City of Dillingham and surrounding area.

Project Description: A local housing strategy comprehensively describes the approach a community can take to meet its short and long-term housing objectives. A local housing strategy coordinates the actions of all the local government agencies and divisions that administer policies and programs affecting housing. The best local housing strategies utilize the full set of tools that local governments have at their disposal, including zoning ordinances, building codes, permitting processes, property tax abatements, and federal, state, and local housing subsidies. They also engage the private and nonprofit sectors of the community as key partners.

People/Organizations responsible for completing these steps: City of Dillingham, Curyung Tribal Council, Choggiung Limited, BBEDC, ANTHC, USDA, BBNA, Dillingham City School District, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Cost Estimates:

Cost: Undetermined

Timeline: One year

Funding Partners: HUD, USDA, EDA, NAHSDA, Alaska Growth Capital, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Evaluation Measures:

Key Project Contact:

Name: Robert Mawson

Title: City Manager

Organization: City of Dillingham

Questions about the CEDS?

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Economic Development Program Manager

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