Project: Increase effective transitions into postsecondary education by supporting dual credit classes.

Project Description: Encourage high school graduation and postsecondary attainment by supporting dual credit courses.

People/Organizations responsible for completing these steps: Bristol Bay Campus, BBRCTE, School Districts: BBBSD, SWRSD, DCSD, LPSD

Cost Estimates:

Costs: $91,500 (Salary, Benefits, Travel, Commodities)

Timeline: Oct 1, 2022-Sept 30, 2027

Funding Partners: US Dept of Education Title III NASNTI, Individual Development Grant, School districts, BBRCTE, Trout Unlimited Guide Academy, BBNA, UTBB, BBNC

Evaluation Measures:

  • Offer ten dual credit classes per year.
  • Thirty Students enroll in dual credit courses.

Key Project Contact:

Name: Wanda Wahl

Title: Interim Director

Organization: UAF-Bristol Bay Campus

Questions about the CEDS?

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Economic Development Program Manager

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