Project: Ekwok Ambient and Indoor Air Quality (Addressing Mold)

Project Description: This project will consist of researched methods and education for each home and public building occupancies to use, to protect their health and safety from harmful mold and pollutants in their indoor air environment. Once the assessment is completed, conducted on each participating home and business, some research has been done on funding sources for a mold cleanup in necessary.

People/Organizations responsible for completing these steps:

Ekwok Village Council, Ekwok Environmental Department, ANTHC

Cost Estimates:

Costs: $350,000

Timeline: October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022

Funding Partners: Indian General Assistance Program, Indian Community Development Block Grant (HUD), USDA, BIA, Administration for Native Americans (SEDS program)

Evaluation Measures:

  • Lives impacted:  115
  • 38 homes and about 12 businesses free from mold infestation
  • Satisfaction Survey of residents

Key Project Contact:

Name: Lorraine King

Title: Environmental Coordinator

Organization: Ekwok Village Council

Questions about the CEDS?

Contact Kristina Andrew

Economic Development Program Manager

(907)-842-5257 ext. 6223

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