Project: Develop a comprehensive list of tourist attractions in Bristol Bay for the purpose of creating a regional marketing campaign.

It is no secret Bristol Bay is one of the most pristine and beautiful places on the planet. The secret of Bristol Bay lies in its remote locations and hard to access destinations. Bristol Bay is disconnected from the road system making travel into the area an intimidating task. Currently, there are many lodges and camps in the region that serve as a getaway but there is no way to consider all destination options in one spot. Bristol Bay needs a one-stop-shop, user-friendly resource that can consolidate and connect all the wonderful tourist opportunities Bristol Bay has to offer.

Project Description: Tourist destinations around the world spend millions of dollars trying to attract outside revenue to their regions. To do so they have a comprehensive list of services provided in their areas. Bristol Bay has just as many opportunities to increase tourism-based revenue but has not established a system to properly inventory and assess what is particularly special about the region. Taking the time to develop an inventory can streamline marketing efforts to ensure Bristol Bay captures the most revenue from potential visitors.

People/Organizations responsible for completing these steps:

Bristol Bay Borough, Dillingham Census Area communities, Lake and Peninsula Borough, regional airports and air carriers, Bristol Bay’s Tribes and Corporations, regional lodging facilities, gift shops, information centers, Bristol Bay Alaska Tourism, Alaska Travel Industry Association, Alaska Public Lands Information Center, Public Land Agencies, Convention and Visitors Boroughs, Chambers of Commerce, Alaska Wilderness Recreation & Tourism Association

Evaluation Measures:

  • Ten jobs are created.
  • Regional tour-based revenue increases by $250,000.

Key Project Contact:

Name: Kristina D. Andrew

Title: Economic Development Coordinator

Organization: Bristol Bay Native Association

Questions about the CEDS?

Contact Kristina Andrew

Economic Development Program Manager

(907)-842-5257 ext. 6223

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