Project: Increase Tourism in the Bristol Bay Borough through Development of Visitor Infrastructure in King Salmon, Alaska.

Project Description: King Salmon, Alaska has all the potential for a robust tourism-based economy. To complement its public lands, rich fishing, and cultural heritage. The community has an excellent airport as well as superb dining and lodging options. However, its visitor infrastructure needs to be updated and expanded. An infrastructure investment could create opportunities for the community of King Salmon and surrounding communities to take advantage of Southwest Alaska’s growing tourism industry, attract and encourage visitors to fully explore the community, of King Salmon and its surrounding public lands, culture, and tribal heritage. This infrastructure will significantly contribute to economic diversity, sustainability, and long-term resiliency.

People/Organizations responsible for completing these steps:

The Bristol Bay Borough Chamber, King Salmon Visitor Center, The Bristol Bay Borough, local, municipal, state, and federal entities

Cost Estimates:

Costs: unknown

Timeline: 5-year timeline – 2021 -2026

Funding Partners:

Evaluation Measures:

  • 25% increase in the number of visitors to the surrounding area over a five-year period.
  • Improved visitor experience.
  • Increase visitor understanding of local tribes, culture, industry, values, and heritage.
  • Increase in access to visitor experiences, local merchandise, and services.
  • Increase in local jobs that support research cultural resources, production of art, development of experience tours, and delivery of supporting services.

Key Project Contact:

Name: LaRece Egli

Title: Secretary

Organization: Bristol Bay Borough Chamber of Commerce

Questions about the CEDS?

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Economic Development Program Manager

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