Project: Igiugig Diamond Point Barge Landing Facility

Project Description: Igiugig Village plans to develop a barge loading facility on a 140-acre parcel (“Diamond Point”) located on the northern shore of Cottonwood Bay, on the west side of lower Cook Inlet, approximately 45 miles east of Iliamna, Alaska. Barging of fuel, freight, equipment and construction materials to all the Villages on Lake Iliamna, and beyond (Nondalton and Port Alsworth), has long been a difficult proposition. The tidelands at Williamsport are dry at low tide and only accessible for 5-6 days per month at best utilizing shallow draft landing craft. The inability to navigate Williamsport “at will,” has driven the cost of moving freight between Cook Inlet and the villages of Lake Iliamna and Bristol Bay to unreasonably elevated levels in recent years. Most of the Villages in the Lake Region have been forced to fly in their fuel, at unreasonably prohibitive cost. Because operators of shallow draft landing craft must operate within the tide “windows” which allow for them to access Williamsport, their other scheduled work in Cook Inlet and elsewhere is also compromised by the need to be available for the “plus 20 foot” tides needed to get into Williamsport. Igiugig believes the project’s success will be proven in the more frequent barges to the Lake Iliamna area which may lower the costs for the residents in the rural communities. The facility itself and the construction of the facility will employ 10-25 people at the minimum at various times of the construction process. Once construction is complete, we anticipate the facility to remain active during the shipping season May – October. All community members who live in the Bristol Bay region, more specifically in and around Lake Iliamna region will be impacted.

People/Organizations responsible for completing these steps:  Karl Hill, Vice President of the Igiugig Tribal Council and General Manager of ILC – Iliamna Lake Contractors, will be the Project Manager and will coordinate with the engineer on Project oversight. We also intend to employ as many of our Tribal citizens as possible and other residents in our community that have the skill and dedication to complete the Project

Cost Estimates:

Costs: $5,000,000 – $8,000,000 est. based on scarcity of materials and necessary equipment purchases

Timeline: 2022-2025

Funding Partners: EDA, DOT, State of Alaska, Igiugig Village, ARPA funds, Lake & Peninsula Borough, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Evaluation Measures: 

  • 10 to 25 people employed
  • Reduction in cost of living
  • Completion of barge landing
  • Southwest Alaska transportation and accessibility increased

Key Project Contact: 

Name: AlexAnna Salmon

Title: President

Organization: Igiugig Village Council

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