Covid-19 Mitigation Projects:

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Covid-19 Project: Pilot Point Native Corporation (PPNC) Energy, Employment, and Infrastructure needs to provide economic stability and safety to the shareholders and residents of Pilot Point.

Project Description: Provide Utilities for PPNC’s COVID cabins & office. Provide long-term opportunities in carpentry, cleaning, and mitigation activities. Promote long-term activities for tourism with a vehicle for PPNC’s cabins and office, the short-term use of vehicle will be transportation of staff and PPE supplies. There are 232 shareholders in PPNC.

Outline of steps required for project to be completed:

  1. Complete BBNA’s CEDS project application.
  2. Determine Utilities – needs are heating oil, fuel tanks, electric, sewer, water, freight.
  3. Hire staff with CDC funding – carpenters, cleaner contract, other response members.
  4. Ensure enough materials are on hand- PPE supplies and vehicle.
  5. Follow through with reporting on grants, ensure completion of projects.
  • People/Organizations responsible for completing these steps:
  • PPNC Board of Directors: Gust Griechen III, President; Linda Seybert, Vice President; Dennis Griechen, Treasurer; Doreen Holm, Secretary; Jackie Kalmakoff, Sophie Abyo, Breanna Griechen, Directors
  • PPNC Business Partners- Fortier & Mikko, Sockeye Blue
  • Cost Estimates:
  • Costs: $60,000
  • Timeline: 1-2 years
  • Funding Partners: Centers for Disease Control, Paycheck Protection Program, SBA EIDL loan, EDA

Evaluation Measures:

  • Number of shareholders receiving assistance, PPE supplies, and if a quarantine stay is necessary at the PPNC Cabins & Office
  • Hire one employee for clerical needs
  • Hire two carpenters
  • Hire one cleaning person to build / maintain the cabins
  • Money saved through approved application funding applications
  • Key Project Contact:
  • Name: Linda Seybert, Director
  • Title: Vice President
  • Organization: Pilot Point Native Corporation

Covid-19 Project: Support Bristol Bay communities respond, recover, and mitigate from the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Project Description: Assist all Bristol Bay region communities gain access to needed resources and funding to protect people from the Covid-19 virus, keep residents employed, and ensure businesses remain in operation.

  • People/Organizations responsible for completing these steps:
  • Bristol Bay Native Association, Bristol Bay Native Corporation, Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation, Bristol Bay Housing Authority, all communities (27) and tribes (31) served by the Bristol Bay Native Association, Camia Health Clinic, South Central Foundation, State of Alaska, and local municipalities 
  • Cost Estimates:
  • Costs: Unknown
  • Timeline: 2021-2023
  • Funding Partners: State of Alaska, American Rescue Plan, Administration for Native Americans: SEDS

Evaluation Measures:

  • Unemployment rates maintain steady levels
  • Businesses are retained
  • Improved quality of life for residents by protecting them from the virus.
  • Key Project Contact:
  • Name: Kristina Andrew
  • Title: Economic Development Program Manager
  • Organization: Bristol Bay Native Association

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